We're all sinners seeking for redemption

Meta Sinners Club is the complete digital team for first time NFT + METAVERSE project owners who want to make an impact in the WEB 3.0

Our Mission

This web 2.0 space is full of sinners. Big Tech created a flawed space and it's our duty to seek redemption in the new generation of the Internet. Meet web 3.0, a world where anything is possible. But not everything. We must choose wisely our missions, our goals, and take into account the sins of our predecessors.

Our Role

Most of the web 3.0 building work will be done by the pioneers of the movement over the next 10 years. This means we all have an important role in making sure these pioneers are supported, educated and rewarded well for their efforts. Let's make sure the early founders don't go into oblivion.

This is the way

We will speak loud and clear: the transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0 has begun. We’ve seen it before, it happens all over again. Let’s shift the new generation to an abundant metaverse.


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We are a tribe of passionate metaverse builders creating the homebase for our future.

This tribe isn't just about working hard - genius comes when teamwork works its magic too so don’t be shy on showing off your skills and experience. We've been waiting for you. The time has come to take back our future and make it your own with this tribe of like-minded individuals who are ready, willing & able! It’s only a matter days before the New Age begins so join us now or be left behind in an age where everything changes faster than ever before...
‍Together, we can make some serious waves in this industry. We are the new generation and this is our time. You could be a part of this tribe and contribute with your skills and wisdom

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