Connecting dots in the NFT space

Meta Sinners Club does the heavy lifting so you focus on your vision. We complete your team needs from the early stages of project design throughout the launch and beyond.



Metaverse market size


Expected  growing rate


Forecast for 2028


Market cap of web 2.0 metaverse companies

This is just the beginning

Why start now? Because it’s more than a trend - it’s a movement that brings in a lot of experienced talent, enthusiastic builders and creative entrepreneurs, just like you! We’re all going to make it - the web 3.0 community has incredible traction and the development is irreversible. So why not start right now?

Experienced teams bringing home the wins

Working as complete dedicated teams, team augmentation or project based in an agile fashion with extreme product ownership


Smart Contracts

DAO & Communities

Play to earn games

Launch marketing

Public Relations

3D & Graphic Design

Artificial Intelligence



Backed by SilverBacks.

creators & entrepreneurs

Business & community oriented missions

Sharing our skills with the world is easier in the composable web 3.0. Join our mission or reach out if you'd like us to support your mission.

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